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Posted by Default Admin on 21 June 2015 | Comments

2013 is looking like an exciting season ahead. We would like to welcome Elf Lubricants NZ on board team Incon. We are very excite to be working with Elf to get the best out of our engine and drawing on their vast racing knowledge being the world leaders in race oils! The winter has also given birth to our latest tool our custom built Tohatsu M50D2 Dyno. We have been thinking going down this road for a while but it is now ready to go to get the best out of our Elf Tohatsu. Here is a sneak peak of it Three new virgin props from Solas on the wall we now have a full Solas quiver of propellers and a lot of testing hours ahead to get the newbies up to our high standard that Moss Smith has demanded out of our propellers. These inclusions has given use back up propellers for our top three sizes and two new development props that are way out of the norm size range. I am looking forward to racing starting again in August on Lake Taupo for the first round of the National long Haul series.