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Posted by Default Admin on 11 February 2012 | Comments

Position - 1st 

Today couldn't  have been better racing conditions with a good 3ft of surf with 4ft sets breaking outside the course every couple of heats. There was some great safe driving done for the day with no boats flipping but a couple giving it a good try. With the testing conditions of the surf, it was great to have Matt (co-pilot) spotting lines for me all day and helping us drive our way to a clean sweep of five heats wins and then taking out the final after losing our comfortable lead to a couple of restarts from Ultima coming out of their boat. It was a great day to be sitting in a boat and we will take the 20 point graciously. It was good to see our gear out in the field with Little Devil driving his way to his first national heat win with one of our props and DM Security using our floor boards, motor and prop!!!!! We are really looking forward to the trip to the Hawkes Bay in two weeks time for a long haul and surf cross event.